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Think comic creators make a lot of money? Think again

Lots of people think that getting published is the hard part about writing, once your book or comic or graphic novel or short story is out there for the public to see you’re done. Sorted. Ready to start rolling in all your royalties.

If only.

Jim Zub, creative force behind Image’s Skullkickers, posted an interesting piece yesterday about how royalties break down in terms of slices of income for retailers, distributors, publishers and creators. If you’re already familiar with the way the publishing industry works then all of this will be old-hat to you but for a lot of people it will be surprising just how little of your $2.99 reaches the creative forces behind your favourite titles.

Is it wrong that creators might see just 1% of the cover price? Absolutely. Is that any way that can be changed at present? Not unless printing prices fall or shops/distributors lose money essential to their own survival as businesses. Depending on their contract, a creator might make more money from digital sales… but for now the best way to support your favourite creators is to buy from them directly, either at expos or from their personal websites.

You can read the rest of the article on Jim Zub’s blog.


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