Humble THQ Bundle

With each passing bundle, the team behind Humble Bundle are getting more ambitious and bringing bigger and better offers to the public. Recently they’ve started diversifying their offers too; the past few bundles have included books curated by Cory Doctorow, a selection of Android phone apps and now the latest bundle is from PC games publisher THQ.

Included in the bundle is Darkside, Company of Heroes and Metro 2033. Unlike other sales, the Humble Bundle works on a pay-what-you-like system with exclusive perks for those who pay more than the average. For this bundle that bonus is Saint’s Row: The Third.

It’s often worth getting in early as people tend to beat the average price (in order to claim the bonus item) so the price for the whole bundle tends to rise over time. People who beat the average price also get free access to any items added after the bundle starts – of course if you don’t want this you’re free to purchase the basic bundle for as little as $0.01!

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What do you think of this bundle? Is it worth getting? What would you like to see added to it?


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