Easter Eggs

Yesterday we posted YouTube’s irreverent summary of 2012 and we realised as we watched it that there were some easter eggs included. It took several gruelling rewatchings but we think we found them all. We don’t want to spoil everything for you though. If you haven’t found them yet, go look again. When you return, click to see them all.

PSY Smashes WOTE’s Guitar (1/21)
AlphaCat as Barack Obama Poppin’ n Lockin’ (2/21)
KassemG as Ryan Lochte + DailyGrace as Katniss – Elevator Magic (3/21)
KassemG as Ryan Lochte – American Grill (4/21)
MysteryGuitarMan, DeStorm, DaveDays, Peter Chao – OKGO Dance Battle (5/21)
Annoying Orange as Felix Baumgartner Mouth Dancing (6/21)
FreddieW as Halo Master Chief + Corridor Digital as Minecraft – Dance Party (7/21)
Smosh as NASA Curiosity Rover Controllers – Epic Fistpumping (8/21)
Corridor Digital do the Minecraft Robo-Boogie (10/21)
FreddieW as Halo Master Chief – Fun with Explosions (11/21)
FreddieW as Halo Master Chief – Funky Shimmy (9/21)
Felicia Day as Carly Rae Jepsen – Carwash Reheasal (12/21)
ChesterSee as Justin Bieber wants to be your Boyfriend (13/21)
iJustine as Lindsey Stirling Violin Fantasy (14/21)
Epic Meal Time + My Drunk Kitchen = Raw Bacon Rager (15/21)
The Many Faces of GloZell (16/21)
Jenna Marbles as Harvard Baseball Captain – Drama with Shit Girls Say (17/21)
Shit Girls Say is on an Emotional Rollercoaster (18/21)
Rhett and Link’s Dope Zebra on the Loose (19/21)
Epic Meal Time + My Drunk Kitchen = Sausage Fest Weiner Party (20/21)
Ryan Higa as Felix Baumgartner – Epic Slow-Mo Screams (21/21)


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