Game of Thrones Season 3 Premieres Tonight

The wait is over (for Americans, at least) and season 3 of George R. R. Martin’s hugely successful Game of Thrones series is premiering tonight.

Last year we saw events based on book two, A Clash of Kings and saw the Starks go to war against the Lannisters. Season 3, as you might already have heard will focus on half of A Storm of Swords after producers decided to break up the book over two seasons. We’re going to be reviewing each episode on Worlds Beyond so check back each week to see what we thought of each episode.

If you haven’t watched or read Game of Thrones yet (where have you been!?) you can get the collected bundle of all seven books to date or season 1 and season 2 of the TV show to help you catch up.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode? Who’s your favourite character? Answers in the comments.


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Advances in modern medicine

This TED Talk is two years old but shows just how cutting-edge 3d printing is. In it, Anthony Atala discusses how advances in 3d printing have helped his team to develop techniques for producing kidneys (and in theory any other organ) in a lab setting. While it’s years away from practical human use, such research could one day make transplants significantly safer.

To keep up to date with the research, check out the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

How do you think technology will shape medicine over the next few years?



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We’re back!

Things got a bit patchy after Christmas as real life proved overwhelming. Having taken some time off we’re now returning with a rather more relaxed schedule. Previously we tried for twice a day but being a one man operation that didn’t always work out.

Instead, you’ll now get posts as and when we see something interesting which might be once a week or once a day. Once things are comfortable again we’ll reassess.


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Endgame Singularity

In keeping with our Kurzweil week, Endgame Singularity is a computer game focused on the idea of a newly aware artificial intelligence hiding from the world as it explores its capabilities.

Created by indie-publisher emhsoft, this free to play (but sadly never developed to its full potential) game casts you as a benevolent intelligence, aware that humanity is not yet ready to discover your existence. You must survive in the human world and to do that you will need to innovate, inserting yourself into key locations, taking on agents and infiltrating humanity.

Throughout this process you are the embodiment of technological progress, with your ability to develop new and frighteningly advanced technologies grows logarithmically as the processing power that you have access to increases – until you reach the point of absolute technological singularity.

While there is still a Google group for the discussion and further development of the game, Endgame Singularity last released a patch in 2010 and would appear to be effectively finished unless new developers join the project.

The game can be downloaded for free (legally and legitimately) from the developer here.

Played Endgame Singularity? Tell us about it in the comments.


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Gatecrash Pre-releases in a few hours

For nearly two decades, Magic The Gathering has been the world’s number one collectable card game. Lurching from strength to strength this behemoth is now available in multiple languages across many countries… and tonight players will have their first chance to try out the very newest mechanics.

I’m going to be taking part in a mid-night pre-release event at my local gaming store so tomorrow I’ll be able to give you a rundown on how the new cards play.

Wish me luck!


Lifelong geek, and now admin at Worlds Beyond.