The Oatmeal strikes again

To start with: This, just… this.

If you’re not aware (been hiding under a rock for a while?) The Oatmeal is something of a celebrity online. His recent efforts have included championing a memorial museum for Nikolai Tesla, converting a wrongful cease and desist letter into over $200,000 in donations to charity, and generally being a pillar of the internet with his often copied comics about cats, pterodactyls, grammar and bears.

Yesterday he posted the comic above. If you work from home, or for yourself, or your in charge of managing your own workload… or even if you just work online I’m sure you’ve felt the same at some point. I certainly have.

Mr Oatmeal, we salute you.

[Image from The Oatmeal]


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Lifelong geek, and now admin at Worlds Beyond.