Hooked from the beginning: John Dies at the End

Two friends in particular have been singing praises of John Dies at the End since it was released last year. A few days ago I gave in and bought it, wanting to read it before the movie adaptation gets released at the start of 2013. Today, sat on a bus, I read the first few pages. I was instantly hooked.

No spoilers here (I’m not far enough in yet to have spoilers), just great writing. For example, the very first dialogue in the book is a phonecall:

“Dave? This is John. Your pimp says bring the heroin shipment tonight, or he’ll be forced to stick you. Meet him where we buried the Korean whore. The one without the goatee.”
That was code. It meant “Come to my place as soon as you can, it’s important.” Code, you know, in case the phone was bugged.
“John, it’s three in the-”
“Oh, and don’t forget, tomorrow is the day we kill the president.”
He was gone. That last part was code for, “Stop and pick me up some cigarettes on the way.”

I have no idea yet what Dave and John are up to, but from that conversation alone, I know it’s going to be an interesting ride.

You can purchase John Dies at the End here. Read it already? Tell us about it in the comments.


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