Gangham Style set to become most watched video ever

It has been the absolute smash hit of 2012, breaking records, breaking boundaries and making South Korean singer Psy a household name.

Now, Gangham Style is on its way to breaking yet another record – it looks like it will soon become the most watched video ever on YouTube.

Previously, Justin Bieber’s Baby (released 21 months ago in February 2010) held that position and in 21 months has racked up 802 million views at time of writing. Gangham Style, released just four months ago currently stands on 782 million views.

If Gangham Style continues gaining views at the current rate then in the next 24 to 72 hours we expect it to become the most viewed YouTube video of all time – a record that we expect it to hold for quite a while yet.

Are you surprised that Gangham Style has reached this position? How do you feel about Justin Beiber being knocked off the top spot? Answers in the comments.


Lifelong geek, and now admin at Worlds Beyond.

Big Trouble with David Lo Pan Style

Over 25 years ago when Kim Catrall and Kurt Russell were Hollywood Stars, Big Trouble in Little China was a weird, cool, John Carpenter movie. Today it’s etched in my memory as a weird, cool John Carpenter movie with an awesome parody video.

Parodying possibly 2012’s most recognisable tune, Gangham Style, Lo Pan Style is even more fun to watch than the original film. Don’t take my word for it though; judge for yourself then let us know what you think.

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Lifelong geek, and now admin at Worlds Beyond.