Cineworld UK now allows online booking for Unlimited cardholders

When it launched ten years ago, Cineworld (the UGC) promoted their Unlimited card as the only service where you could watch unlimited movies all month for a single flat fee. Now, there are services like Netflix and Lovefilm that allow you to stream/rent unlimited movies but Cineworld is still the only cinema chain that offers this service (to the best of our knowledge).

Today, their flatrate watch-as-many-movies-as-you-like offer became even better. It’s been ten years in the making, but Unlimited customers are now able to book film tickets online. It’s a long awaited feature too – with The Hobbit hitting cinemas next month, there are undoubtably many happy cardholders pleased that they won’t miss out on early screenings (previously, Unlimited card holders could only purchase tickets in person, on the day of a screening).

Are you a Cineworld Unlimited cardholder? What do you think of this news?


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